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 is Call Ministries is the gospel music ministry of Mark Ringwelski. Singing all of his life and most recently as lead tenor for  the             King's Heralds Quartet, he is available to provide vocal gospel music in most any venue, large or small, indoor or out.


Along with his wife and ministry coordinator, Susan Slikkers, they especially look for opportunities to partner with You! (from a single individual to large organizations) to share gospel music that complements your plans for outreach to friends, neighbors, communities, church families, coworkers – all those for whom God has placed a burden on your heart.


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We have committed ourselves and this music ministry to following God’s call – no matter where, no matter when – in sharing His message of love and salvation with all who will listen. So, in an effort to reach all and in response to God’s blessings in our own lives, we will not be asking for any performance fees.


If an organization and/or host would like to contribute toward or cover all of the expenses involved in a particular event, it would be welcomed. If an audience or congregation would like to support our ministry by taking up an offering – or if individuals choose to donate, we will gladly put those funds to work, grateful and humbled by their generosity. But, if neither of these happen, we will continue our efforts to share God’s message through music.


As we step out in faith, we covet your prayers and support.

        –Mark and Susan

Jesus’ promised return is at hand and time is very short to finish the work of delivering God’s gospel message to the world. Created by God, music is a powerful tool that helps to open hearts to the importance and urgency of His message. 

With the goal of introducing neighbors and friends to Jesus, outreach projects can be big or small, traditional or creative. Mark and Susan love to think outside the box to take the love of Jesus to people who need to meet Him. The ideas and opportunities are limitless.


If your desire is to provide music with the intention of a spiritual impact, give them a call today! They’d be excited to brainstorm with you about how you can work together to spread the Good News of Jesus' unconditional love and His offer of salvation for each and every one

of us.


Please Like our page and Follow us at Facebook: Mark-Ringwelski-His-Call-Ministries, then Share the page with everyone!


To schedule a concert, call Susan at 920 676 9221.

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