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Welcome to the His Call Ministries Store

We believe that God has richly blessed us and called us to use our gifts for Him.

Our mission is to share God's love through music with as many people as possible.

In this store you can access our albums in both physical and digital formats.

There is no charge for our albums but for the physical formats (CD and USB), we would appreciate your help with the shipping costs. When downloading albums or individual tracks, please subscribe to our mailing list so we can follow the music and support you in prayer. If you would like to donate to our ministry and help in our mission, please click the Donate button above.

Latest Release         Christmas
Classic Hymns
Digital Downloads

© ℗  2021 His Call Ministries, Inc. Exclusive scheduling by Susan Slikkers | 920 676 9221 

All rights reserved. 

Manufactured in USA 

Warning: Copying the music from this CD, as well as uploading it to or from the internet, is a violation of Federal Copyright Law, and is subject to prosecution, fines, and imprisonment.

Translation: It’s stealing. Don’t do it. 

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