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Scheduled Events

Two things about our schedule.  

First, it is directed by God and will be as full as He intends. If the schedule appears scant, we may be working on a recording, a mission project, or …  In our conversations with God in preparation for launching His Call Ministries, the two of us agreed to spread the word in every way possible about the availability of this ministry and its purpose, but we specifically asked God to create the opportunities and invitations to partner with others to share His message.

If you are impressed by Him to do so, please contact us.

Second, the schedule presents an opportunity for everyone to partner with us in prayer! We ask for God and His Holy Spirit to be constantly present at all events so that the hearts and minds of those who attend will be open to hear His voice – and respond. If you are praying for us, we are grateful and hope that you’ll drop us a note via email, text message, Facebook, Messenger, etc. 

The new event scheduler is up and running! As always, you also can watch for announcements on our FB page for upcoming concerts and commitments. If you have subscribed to our mailing list, you’ll receive emails of events that have been added.

No events at the moment
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